Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Reading Thing 2012

I just found this challenge and was really taken by the thought of reading a book title starting with the letters in Spring.

When? March 20th – June 19th
What? Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, will be to read the word SPRING plus we’ve added three bonus mini challenges. How do you read the word Spring? Good question. You have three options:
a. Read books whose titles begin with each letter in the word SPRING.
b. Read books where the authors’ first names begin with each letter in the word SPRING.
c. Read books where the authors’ last names begin with each letter in the word SPRING.
1. Read a book with the name of a flower in the title.
2. Read a book with a flower(s) on the cover.
3. Read a book where the main character’s name is the name of a flower.
S ~ Sheriff’s Surrender, The by Susan Page Davis or Susan Page Davis, The Sheriff’s Surrender or Stevenson, Robert Louis – Treasure Island
P ~
R ~
I ~
N ~
G ~
I went thru my list of books on my TBR list and found that I have books of every letter just waiting to be read.  Surprise, Surprise.  Here is my list of books that I am going to attempt to read:

I am really looking forward to reading some of your reviews of books relating to SPRING!!!!

Happy Reading

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  1. Thanks for joining my Spring Reading Challenge! Have fun! :)