Sunday, April 22, 2012


This is my first children's book sent to me from Tyndale Publishers for review  I wasn't sure how I was going to review this adorable book.   When I saw the cover and the beautiful illustrations, I put my hands to my face and worried if I would be able to give this story the review it deserves.

My first thought when I saw the cover was "What a beautiful soothing bedtime story for my granddaughter Hayden, who by the way just turned 3 last week.   Then I started turning the pages and fell in love with the cutest animals; little bunnies, kittens, baby bears, baby ducks, and little cuddly piglets.

This story is more than a parent reminding their children that they love them, but that Jesus will always be with them and "Couldn't Love Them More".  Telling our boys that we love them unconditionally has been an important part of our parenting.  It was (is) very important that even though they are now grown men with families of their own, they know that we are always here for them.  We are all in different towns, and states, but we talk on the phone regularly.  Our conversations always end with "I Love You".  I see through my grandchildren, an their young age of  3, these 3 words and the understanding have been passed down to them. 

I feel truly honored to be given the chance to read and review this wonderful children's book, but also to be able to pass this book onto my granddaughter Hayden Paige.

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